Saint Tropez Family Photography

Saint Tropez Family Photography

Creating family photographs are one of my favorite things. It is especially nice to document a little bit of their summer holidays. So last July I drove to Saint Tropez, to photograph this lovely Brazilian/Canadian family based in Toronto.

These images were shot where they were staying, at the Kontiki Resort in Plage Pompelonne. Scroll down to see what a nice warm day it was.

gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0001 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0002 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0003 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0004 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0005 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0006 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0007 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0008 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0009 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0010 gianelimaphotography_saintropez_familysession_0012

If you liked these photos and would like me to document a bit of your family vacation, just get in contact. I’ll travel to most places.

Shot on medium format Kodak Portra film. Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.

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